iParallel: A SmartWatch-based Serious Game for Organizational Learning

Transferring knowledge from one part of the organization to another is an essential element of knowledge management and organizational learning activities. This study aims to facilitate knowledge transfer through human-watch interaction using a serious game. Although Smartwatch gaming, as an emerging gaming platform, is restricted by small screen size, it creates noticeable opportunities for game designers because smartwatches are attached to users most of the time. In this study, we describe the design of a smartwatch based serious game called iParallel. In this game, the users can decide on behalf of their parallel selves in the parallel worlds. The proposed solution includes a scenario authoring system that allows knowledge workers to create stories for their organization, and other workers can play these scenarios in iParallel. The study shows that a smartwatch game can facilitate organizational learning by providing knowledge workers the opportunity to experience different decisions’ outcomes.


Key disappointing factors of video game sequels in the eighth-generation era

This work discussed the key disappointing factors of video game sequels in the eighth generation of video game consoles. The video games considered in this study have successful prequels. Examples and evidence indicate that current-generation video game sequels are less popular and disappointing to gamers. The study analyzed powerful games and platforms played by the majority of gamers. Major video gaming websites with prominent reviews, along with Dedoose software, were used for content analysis. The list of selected games was provided by a questionnaire survey among players. The Metacritic scores of these games versus those of their predecessor were compared to compile a final list of games. With the Dedoose software, reviews of the games were analyzed, and 289 excerpts were extracted. The findings reveal that the factors affecting player experience are mostly regarding gameplay, narrative, and technical aspects. Character design has a significant effect on the perceptions of players as well.

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  • Conference: Digital Games Research Conference 2017
  • At: Iran University of Science and Technology,Tehran
  • Authors: Amir-reza Asadi