PubFighters AR

First AR Game In which motion tracking technology is used to put the movement and power of your body in the immersive world of augmented reality.

Furthermore you can enjoy multiplayer duels in your environment with your own bodies.

Improve your throwing skills by playing single player and completing the campaign to get a certificate for your achievement! you can also view the leaderboards to see your rank!

Prepare yourself to hit targets or take cover from deadly enemies in order to keep up for longer hours in below game area:

-Single Player Mode: Finish 8 entertaining levels in SIngle Player mode to get certificate of achievement from Fighters Board !

– Duels: Beat your friends in realistic duels with bottle and plates

– Hit match: Another multiplayer mode for competing against your friends to discover who is the best.

– Survival Mode: You dare to call yourself a bottle shooter, ok its time to face unlimited journey of shooting? How many Levels you can beat?

Earn highest score in Survival and challenge your friends to beat it.

Duel with your friends in an immersive augmented reality experience or play a Hitmatch to see who can get the highest score in multiplayer.

For any suggestion or request, mention us our twitter account @/LunarLudologist

P.S.: If you experience any difficulty with throwing items, you can enable assisted shooting anytime in the settings menu.

PubFighters AR